Media Madness

How far are we really from selling tickets and popcorn to people wanting a day out at a mental health care facility?

Why is it not OK to show very physically injured, damaged people. Out of respect. But there is no need to have any respect for people whose minds are not well.

Why is it not funny to watch someone lapse into a diabetic coma? Tumble from a high place mid heart attack? Why is it not funny to watch anyone suffer anything physically embarrassing or difficult as a result of poor health?

Why is it OK to laugh about someone mid mental break down? OK to laugh if someone is delusional? If someone does something that, you KNOW they would be embarrassed about if they were well, if it is because the chemicals in their brain are not working.

Why is it OK to be a doctor who can deny treatment to someone because they have been less than compliant with their treatment if they have an illness, the symptoms of which, include the INABILITY to comply, when it is OK to treat, and retreat and help and help and help people who fail to care for their physical well being?

Why are there campaigns to help people with illnesses with much LOWER mortality rates, but mental health is no big deal, even though people, LOTS of people WILL die?

Someone who needs to manage their life to suit a physical condition, that’s good, and deserves care, but someone who needs to do something different to maintain their mental wellbeing is “needy” or “difficult” or “weird” or “weak”.

I HATE that I have a MH diagnosis. I HATE telling people. I USED to not mind. And I just worked out why. I used to not mind, when I could prove I was normal, successful. Now, I can’t. And I FEEL weaker, more breakable. More unwell. I feel like I have to prove that it is OK, I am not dangerous, I am not failing. And, that is all true. Which is lucky, because, what would I do if I needed more anyway?



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